Dev Gupta



Creating a new design language

I worked closely with the Box Brand team to remake Box's brand. The design challenge was to: (1) Separate Box from the sameness of cloud, enterprise, SAS companies (2) Mature the brand—Box is no longer a startup (3) Build a brand platform that gives Box the permission to talk about more than cloud storage. (4) Create a system that is easy to execute.  The process started with a color refresh, which lead to a new brand campaign, and ultimately the creation of a new visual style.


Brand campaign
Work as one


I was tasked with extending Box's brand promise from a product feature, share files on Box, to a platform, run your business on Box. The insight that informed the work was: Large enterprises fail when their files, people and processes operate individually—companies are at their best, when everyone and everything work as one. The actual campaign was primarily print ads in publications including WSJ, MIT Tech Review, Harvard Business Review. 




Phase two of the campaign shifted from the visual solve of a team collaborating on an outcome to a simple nmemonic: Work as [blank].


Ultimately we wanted the campaign convey the following:


Be ready for change
The old notion of order, repeaditility and standardization has been replaced by chaos. Technology doesn’t stay constant or consistent. It’s the reason Taxi’s are afraid of Uber and Uber is afraid of driverless cars. It’s why Blockbuster lost to Netflix and Netflix started producing its own content. The next new thing is always around the corner. And the only way to keep up is to be ready to change.


Share more than files. 
Sharing files is a good start. But it can get complicated. Sharing it with this person, not that person, but sometimes with another person. Sharing a file with the internal team and the external agency. With the CFO, CTO, and COO, but not the CEO because he’s on vacation. Sharing the final version, the final final version, and the almost final version. Sharing online, offline and when it’s on the line. Sharing meeting notes, minor notes, and music notes. Sharing comments, conversations and annotations. Sharing across teams, across time-zones, across companies.  




Be big, but work small
It started as simple question. That question led to an idea. That idea brought people together. Those people created a shared purpose. That purpose became a company. That company hired people, and those people hired teams of people—growing from one, to ten, to ten thousand. Now it's sprawling organization working across ten timezones, solving the next 10x problems.


Developing a design language

The primary focus of the refresh was to feature Box's products as the hero (previously Box used illustrations as opposed to product screenshots). The challenge was that many of Box's product don't have any UI. Ultimately the design system had to be able to visualize: products with UI, products without UI and concepts such as mobility or teamwork.