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Hello and welcome. My name is Dev Gupta. I like making things and stuff.  I work as design consultant, helping tech companies scale through design.  Select clients include Gmail, Google Maps, Slack, Twitter, Toyota, Atlasssian, and Box. Below are some recent projects.

Super Secret
Design systems and future visioning

Coming soon

A new design language

Desktop Metal
Launching a billion dollar brand 


Disrupting manufacturing

Motiv Ring
A new kind of fitness app

Developing a new brand system

Before Dropcam became Nest

Helping start-ups get to market

Creating a new illustration library

Previously, I led design at Carbon3d. And before that, I was a college professor at SMU, where I split my time between teaching and consulting. I hold a Masters in Advertising and Bachelors of Finance from The University of Texas. 

Also also

 Through the years I've worked with many great companies, as a  designer, design director, creative director, interactive designer, visual designer, illustrator, brand designer...Below are a details on more of my past clients/projects.

I helped Slack’s brand team on the “Where work happens” campaign

I’ve been working with the dot com team to design content rich experiences such as neighborhood pages, heat map…launch a new blog.

I was commissioned to create illustrations representing HP Enterprise's hardware and technology offerings.  

DFW Airport (Paperless Customs)
I designed the on-screen experience for the paperless customs’ kiosk at the DFW international airpot. 

RBC Financial Advisor
I worked with BCG Digital Ventures to concept and design an iPad app that made it easier for financial planners to connect with their customers.

I worked on Evernote/Skitch team on several new features, including support for multiple page pdfs
I worked with the product team to imagine a 2.0 version of their online experience. I also helped them improve on-boarding.

I worked with the tax team at Intuit to concept a new app focused on improving workflow between accountants and their clients. 

Princeton Review
I worked with the product team to re-design Princeton Review’s online SAT platform. Additionally I worked on the IA of

Lightform is a hardware / software projection mapping solution. I helped the marketing team redesign their website. 

FutureAdvisor uses a combination of an algorithm and human intervention to make better stock trades. I re-archiected and redesigned Future Advisors internal trading too.

I worked with the Telenav Auto’s team to design in car navigation systems for OEMs. 

Loop Commerce
Loop commerce is an online platform that allows users to give gifts without knowing key preferences about the recipient such as size or color. At the time, the service was being used my I helped the product team from 2014 - 2015 design a series of screens related to checking out. 

Clara is a virtual scheduling assistant that combines machine learning with human oversight. I helped them redesign their website.  

Premise is a desktop/mobile app that helps third world countries crowdsource data collection. I helped the product team get through a few sprints as they searched for a full-time designer.

I designed the Storybug iPad app. The app allows parents to remotely read books to their children. 

LRS pioneered restaurant pagers. These pagers are used nationally by several fast casual restaurants such as Panera and Jason’s Deli. At the time I was brought on, LRS was developing adjacent products utilizing mobile technology. I helped rebrand the company as well as design three new products.

I worked as a freelance visual designer on and off from 2014 - 2016. One of the more interpreting projects I worked on was helping launch Go90—I VOD app backed by Verizon.

BottleRocket (Awe) 
BottleRocket is an app development company based in Dallas. They co-developed an app platform that allowed broadcast companies to quickly build and maintain VOD apps. I designed the first iteration of the platform. At the time it was used to support apps for NBC, TBS, TNT, and The History Channel.

Tribal DDB
I worked as a freelance visual designer on and off from 2013 - 2014. 

CP + B
I worked as a freelance interaction designer at CP+B. I designed the UX for’s back to school and holiday online experiences. I also did some conceptual design work on the homepage.  

Stink Digital
I worked as a senior visual designer on and off from 2013-2015. Below are a few projects I worked on:  

Google Art Copy Code - Designed launch website that correlated with a SXSW experience

Dominos Live - Dominos put cameras in one of their locations. I designed the website that allowed patrons to view and interact with the real-time footage

Google engineering - I helped design a recruiting website for engineers

Google Chromecast launch - Conceptual design for three apps that accompanied the Chromecast launch: An playlist app using Youtube, a photo gallery for parties, and a trivia game. 

Google Launch - Branding and website for the a program that helps startups

Google Cloud Platform - A variety of brand and web design projects